Here are 6 great tips you can use:

1. Awareness of your own interaction with other people is the first step in improving your communication skills.

Learn to identify which types of situations make you uncomfortable and then modify your behavior to achieve positive results is a critical step in improving your communication skills.

You can learn to become aware of behaviors in other people that prompt you to respond in negative ways and modify your own behavior to turn the situation into a positive experience.

2. You must accept responsibility for your own behavior and do not fear apologizing for errors in judgment or insensitive actions.

Asking others for honest feedback about the way you interact with others can be very helpful. Accept the negative feedback along with the positive and make changes accordingly.

3. Your non-verbal communication is equally as important as the things that you say. Positive body language is extremely important in your interactions with other people.

If your words and your actions do not match, you will have a difficult time succeeding in social situations.

4. In order to learn how to improve your communication skills, you must become a great listener. You must fight the urge to respond immediately and really listen to what the other person is trying to communicate.

Offering suggestions or criticism before you are certain of the other person’s intent can only lead to frustration for both parties.

5. Improving your communication skills is a process and cannot be accomplished overnight. Trying to improve or change too many things at once will be counter-productive.

You will become discouraged and overwhelmed if you attempt to change your entire personality all at once. Choose one or two traits at a time and work on those over a period of time. Learn to take advantage of your personal strengths and make a positive impact on others.

6. Maximize your positive personality traits and use them in your interactions with others. Good communication and great listening skills are the most important tools you can use in improving your communication skills.

You can learn how to improve your communication skills by developing excellent listening skills, learning to resolve problems and conflicts, understanding body language, and accepting responsibility for your own negative behavior.

Determination and self-awareness will make your desire to improve your communication skills a reality.

You can change your life and now is the time to start.

Exceptional communication skills can be Learned…and Mastered!!!




1. (a) cheerleaders : pompoms
(b) audience:seats
(c) team:goalposts
(d) conductor:podium
(e) referee:decision

Ans. (a)

2. archipelago:islands::

(a) arbor:bower
(b) garden:flower
(c) mountain:valley
(d) sand:dune
(e) constellation:star

Ans. (a)

3. crow:boastful ::

(a) smirk:witty
(b) conceal:s;y
(c) pout:sulky
(d) blush:coarse
(e) bluster:unhappy

Ans. (a)

4. bracket:shelf ::

(a) hammer:anvil
(b) girder:rivet
(c) strut:rafter
(d) valve:pipe
(e) bucket:well

Ans. (a)

5. taxonomy:classification ::

(a) etymology:derivation
(b) autonomy: authorization
(c) economy:rationalization
(d) tautology:justification
(e) ecology:urbanisation

Ans. (a)

6. moderator:debate ::

(a) legislator:election
(b) chef:banquet
(c) auditor:lecture
(d) conspirator:plot
(e) umpire:game

Ans. (a)

7. glossary:words ::

(a) catalogue:dates
(b) atlas:maps
(c) almanac:synonyms
(d) thesaurus:rhymes
(e) lexicon:numbers

Ans. (a)

8. lumber: bear ::

(a) roost:hen
(b) bray:donkey
(c) waddle:goose
(d) swoop:hawk
(e) chirp:sparrow

Ans. (a)

9. celerity:snail ::

(a) indolence:sloth
(b) cunning:weasel
(c) curiosity:cat
(d) humility:peacock
(e) obstinacy:mule

Ans. (a)

10. wood:sand ::

(a) coal:burn
(b) brick:lay
(c) oil:polish
(d) metal:burnish
(e) stone:quarry

Ans. (a)

11. carpenter:saw ::

(a) stenographer:typist
(b) painter:brush
(c) lawyer:brief
(d) runner:sneakers
(e) seamstress:scissors

Ans. (a)

12. horns:bull ::

(a) mane:lion
(b) wattles:turkey
(c) antlers:stag
(d) hooves:horse
(e) wings:eagle

Ans. (a)

13. gullible:duped ::

(a) credible:cheated
(b) careful:cautioned
(c) malleable:moulded
(d) myopic:mislead
(e) articulate:silenced

Ans. (a)

14. marathon:stamina ::

(a) relay:independence
(b) hurdle:perseverance
(c) sprint:celerity
(d) job:weariness
(e) ramble:directness

Ans. (a)

15. Skin:man ::

(a) hide:animal
(b) jump:start
(c) peel:potato
(d) eat:food
(e) wool:cloth

Ans. (a)

16. Bamboo:Shoot ::

(a) Bean:Sprout
(b) Peas:Pod
(c) Potato:Eye
(d) Carrot:Root
(e) Leaf:Stem

Ans. (a)

17. Deflect:Missile ::

(a) Siege:Castle
(b) Distract:Attraction
(c) Protect:Honour
(d) Drop:Catch
(e) Score:Goal

Ans. (a)

18. Editor:magazine ::

(a) captain:ship
(b) actor:movie
(c) director:film
(d) player:team
(e) jockey:horse

Ans. (a)

19. Volcano : Lava ::

(a) Fault:earthquate
(b) crack:wall
(c) tunnel:dig
(d) water:swim
(e) floor:polish

Ans. (a)

20. Disregarded
(a) heed
(b) hopeful
(c) evade
(d) dense

Ans. (a)

21. Obviate
(a) becloud
(b) necessitate
(c) rationalize
(d) execute

Ans. (b)

22. Superficial
(a) profound
(b) exaggerated
(c) subjective
(d) spirited

Ans. (a)

23.Antonym of Convert

(c )Scared

Ans: ( b)

24. Antonym of Mitigate


Ans: (a ).

25. Antonym of Clutch

(a) Hold
(b) Grab
(c) Release
(d) Spread

Ans: ( c)

26. Antonym of Disregarded

(a) heed
(b) hopeful
(c) evade
(d) dense

Ans. (a)

27. Antonym of Obviate

(a) becloud
(b) necessitate
(c) rationalize
(d) execute

Ans. (b)

28. Antonym of Superficial

(a) profound
(b) exaggerated
(c) subjective
(d) spirited

Ans. (a)

29. Antonym of Abide

(a) retract an offer
(b) refuse to endure
(c) shield from harm
(d) exonerate

Ans. (b)

30. Antonym of Acerbity

(a) noteworthiness
(b) hypocrisy
(c) mildness of temperament
(d) lack of anxiety

Ans. (c)

31. Synonym of Circumspect

(a) Condition
(b) Inspect
(c) Cautious
(d) Reckless

Ans: (c )

32. Synonym of Vehement

(a) Passionate
(b) Deep
(c) Noisy
(d) Prolific

Ans: (a)

33. Synonym of Impetus

(a) Connect
(b) Crucial
(c) Stimulus
(d) Immediate

Ans: (c )

34.Antonym of Motley

(a) Bulky
(b) Speckled
(c) Homogeneous
(d) Different

Ans: (c )

35. Antonym of Tractable

(a) Objectionable

Ans: (a)


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1)A train and A Cyclist reaches a station every  day  at the same time.  One   day the Cyclist starts 20 minutes late from his   house.On his way to  station   the train  crosses him at 5 miles before
station.The speed of cyclist   is  12mph. Find the speed of the train.

2)There is an element which triplicates in every  hour. Each of these 3
items  inturn reproduce exactly 3 other items. If a  single  compund is kept in  a
container at noon and the container is full by  midnight. After how  many  hours is the container 1/3 full.


3) A person goes to a bank and Quotes x Rs and y paise on a cheque.
The cashier misreads it and gives y Rs and x paise.  The  man comes out and
donates 5 paise to a begger. Now, the man has  exactly double the  amount
has quoted on the cheque.

Ans: 31 Rs. and 63 paise.

4). There are some chicken in a poultry. They are fed with corn. One sack of corn will come for 9 days. The farmer decides to sell some chicken and wanted to hold 12 chicken with him. He cuts the feed by 10% and sack of corn comes for 30 days. So initially how many chicken are there?


5) There are two glasses A and B. A contains  orange juice and B  contains
apple juice in same quantity.Some amount orange  juice from glass A  is
transfered to glass B. The juice in glass B is  mixed  well. Then again
the  same amount of juice from B is transferred to A.  Compare the  quantities
of  apple juice in A and orange juice in B. 


Ans:Equal.6)100 Kg. Potatoes with 98% water content are  dried  in an oven. The  percentage  of water decreases to 50 %. What is the  weight of potatoes  now.


7)There are 4 parties A,B,C,D. Ram told that  either  A or B will win.  Shyam  told C will never win. Hari told either B or C  or  D will win. Only   one of  them was Correct. Which party won?

Ans: C

8)There are n Railway stations. Ticket facility is  10available between  every
two stations. Recently, m new stations are bulit  so  that 42 new  tickets
are  to be printed. How many stations were there? How  many are newly

Ans: n=6;m=3;

initially n*(n-1) were printed. ie 30.

Later on, (n+m)*(n+m-1) are printed ie 72.(so
30 = 42)

9)A colck takes 33 seconds to complete the   pendulum  sound when it is  12:00 
noon. How long one can hear the pendulum sound it is  6:00 a.m.??


10)mr. x (got paramvir chakra in 1971) died when his age was 1/59th the year of birth.what was his date of birth?






11). There is 66x33m rectangular area. Ram is 11/8 times faster than Krishna . Both of them started walking at opposite ends and they met at some point then, Ram said “See you in the other end” Then they continued walking. After some time Ram thought he will have tea so he turned back walked back 15 meters then he changed his mind again and continued walking .How much Krishna has traveled by the time they meet?

12)there are 6561 number of balls in a bag. out of which one is heavy ball. in how many minimum number
of weighing you can find the heavy ball.


                               ans-8.13) the profit made by a company in one year is enough to give 6% return on all shares.but as the preffered shares get on return of 7.5%, so the ordinary shares got on return of 5%.if the value of preferd shares is
rs-4,000000, then what is the value of ordinary shares?



14)there were 50 players playing a game among themselves. each player is out of the game when lose 3 matches. what is the number of matches should be plyed in order to get the winner.

15) A & B two places. C & D are two people.c started from a and d started from b. when they meet each other in the way c traveled 18m more than d. than c takes 13 and half a minute and d takes 24 minutes to reach the other end.what was the distance between a & b. ans-


                     126.16) i have been hearing a girl singing a song for last two score.
song: if seven times five and three times seven is added to my age it would be as far above six nines and four as the difference between twice of my age and a score. given-a score is 20 yrs.

17) A tourist wants to go from a to b. there are four ways to do this.
1. to take a wagon. the wagon stops for half an hour at a station in between a & b and then goes to b.
2. to walk to b. if he leavs a at the same time the wagon leaves, he will be between by the wagon by 1 mile to reach b.
3. to walk from a at the same time the wagon leaves from a. he will arrive at the mid station at the time when the wagon is prepared to leave. He can take the wagon from there. this will take shortest time.
4. to go on upto the mid station & to walk from there. he will reach at b 15 minutes before the
wagon. what is the distance between a & b ?.

18) in a train there is one brakeman, conductor, engineer &fireman. thair names are Art, John, Tom & Pete given in this order or in reverse order. you have to tale the occupation of the 4, w.r.t. these conditions:
1.brakeman has no relatives.
2.john is older than art. & fireman are brothers.
4.john is pete’s nephew.
5.fireman is not conductor’s uncle.
6.conductor is not engineer’s uncle.

8) contd
ans: pete & tom are brothers.
tom–father and john is his son.

19) there is a 18 strong building and 4 people live in it. they are dentist, lawyer, accountant, architect.(i am giving only a part of the question)
–dentist floor is 5 times the lawyer’ floor.
–account is below dentist.
–if archetect moves two floors up he will be midway between dentist and account.
—if architect moves to midway of the building (9th floor) then he will be middle of dentist & lawyer.
—ground floor can be ignored i.e. floor 0.
ans–dentist 15.
accountant 13.
lawyer– 3.

20) 4 ladis, mrs margarat, mrs price, mrs winter & mrs ellen went for marketing. Each went for 2 shops only.
their surnames are lorret,torrey, doris and marshall.
–one went to a hardwares shop.
–two went to bank.
–two went to buchers.
–all but dorris went to grocery.





1. There are 4 married couples out ofwhich 3 a group isneeded . Butther should not be his of her spouse .How nmany groups are possible ?

Ans 32




2.In the 4 digits 1,2,3,4 how many 4 digited numbers are possible which are divisable by 4? Repetetions are allowed

Ans 64




3. Two men are going along a track rail in the opposite direction. One goods train crossed the first person in 20 sec. After 10 min the train crossed the other person who is comming in opposite direction in 18 sec .After the train has passed, when thetwo persons will meet?


Approx 72min check it once.




4. Theno. of children > adults . Theno .of adults > the no .of boys .

The no.of boys > no. of girls .The no.of girls > no.of familyi conditions

1.No family is without a child

2 Every girl has atleast one brotherand sister .


Ans c>a>b>g>f; 9 6 5 4 3 .




6.There are4 boys Anand ,Anandya ,Madan and Murali with nicmnames perich, zomie ,drummy and madeena not in the same order Some com=nditons

Ans Anand : Perich

Anandya: drummy

Madan : Zombie

murali: Madeena



7.Thereare2diomans ,1 spadeand1 club and 1ace and also 1king ,1 jack

and 1 aceare arranged in a straight line


1.The king is at third place

2.Theleft of jack is a heart and itsright is king

3. No two red colours arein consequtive.

4.The queensareseperated by two cards. Write the orderor which suits

(hearts ,clubs )and names(jacks queensetc.)








1. int a=2;



f1(int c)


printf(“%d”, c);





int a;

void c;f2(&c,&a);





a) What will be the value of b? why

b) If in 1st stmt a=0 is replaced by -1, b=?

c) If in second stmt a=0 is replaced by -1, b=?



3)char *a[2]

int const *p;

int *const p;

struct new { int a;int b; *var[5] (struct new)





int a=2;



f1(int c)


printf(“%d”, c);








f(int t)




case 2: c=3;

case 3: c=4;

case 4: c=5;

case 5: c=6;

default: c=0;}

value of c?




int *f1()


int a=5;

return &a;



int *b=f1()

int c=*b;




7)a)Function returning an int pointer

b)Function ptr returning an int ptr

c)Function ptr returning an array of integers

d)array of function ptr returning an array of integers

(See Scham series book)




int a;

short b;




9)Define function ?Explain about arguments?


10)C passes By value or By reference?


11)Post processed code for


b=abc1; (1 or 2 blank lines are given)





12)difference between my-strcpy and strcpy ?check




int *b;





14)Function which gives a pointer to a binary trees const an integer value

at each code, return function of all the nodes in binary tree.(Study)Check



15)Calling refernce draw the diagram of function stack illustrating the

variables in the —–then were pushed on the stack at the point when

function f2 has been introduced

type def struct

{ double x,double y} point;

main( int argc, char *arg[3])

{double a;

int b,c;


f1(double x, int y)


point p;

stack int n;


f2(point p, double angle)

{ int i,j,k,int max)





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1. Number of null pointers in any binary tree = n+1



2. max(t1,t2,…tn) = pipelining



3. 50% -DBETXXXXXX – density



4. print (Head(T))


print (Head(T))

Traverse(right(T)) – ans: none of the above





5. CPU scheduling based questions



11. if even x/2

else p(p(3x+1))


2^k + 1: 3 . 2^(k-1) clarify this with sans




6. Compiler – related Qn.



7. LAN frames – ? related Qn.




8. sliding window protocol



9. kernel mode – deallocate resource




10. Combinatorics related



11. priority scheduling



12. cobegin

begin x = y; x= x+1; y= x

begin x =y; z= z+1; y= z



ans. Number of values possi = 2



13. 2 bits flip / 2 bits exchange


ans : the word with one ‘1’


14. any addr

K^+ v(a) + 2I – 2a


clarify with SANS.


15.Least no. when divide by [7 gives remainder 6,6gives 5,5 gives 4 and

soon ans;419


16,What compilation do (ans source code to obj)


17.Artficial language is provided which of the language (Lisp) check


18. 241 change its equivalent octal ?


19. for cube and sphere 3 views are similarly draw one such figure?


20. Write a program to exchange two variaables without temp


21. Fortran cannot have value by reference


22. 4,6,8,__


23. success is to failure, joy is to




25. opposite to essential?


26.”Raw” means


27. To be good “Wrestler ” one should have?


28. “Command” opposite?


29. genuine opposite?


30. Sum of two consecutive nos is 55, larger one is?


31. A person goes 4/5 of his usual speed reaches 10min lateto his destinaton, time taken?


32. 80% pass in english, 70%pass in maths , 10%fail in both , 144 pass in

both . How many all appeared to the test?


33. To get a parabola if you cut a section of?


34. Bird is flying 120km/hr b/w B to R. two trians at B to R at 60 kmph

The distance trvelled by the bird before it is killed.Ans.120


35. meaning of inert





1. 9 cards are there. u have to arrange them in a 3*3 matrix.

cards are of 4 colors.they are red,yellow,blue,green.

conditions for arrangement: one red card must be in first row

or second row.2 green cards should be in 3rd column.Yellow

cards must be in the 3 corners only. Two blue cards must be in

the 2nd row. Atleast one green card in each row.


Yello Red Gren

Blu Blu Gren

Yello Gren Yello



2. 4 cards are placed on a table, each card has two colors. U

don’t know the color of the back side of eachcard.4 persons A

B C and D are sitting on the table before the cards. They can

see Red, Green Red and blue .Out of the 4 poeple 2 always lie.

They see the color on the reverse side and give the following


A: Yello/green

B: Neither Blue/nor Green

c: Blue/Yello

D: Blue/ Yello

find out the color on the other side of the 4 cards.


3. A family I know has several children. Each boy in this

family has as many sisters as brothers but each girl has

twice as many brothers as sisters. How many brothers

and sisters are there?

ans: 4 boys and 3 girls.



4. No. of animals is 11 more than the no. of birds. If the

no. of birds were the no. of animals and no. of animals

were the no. of birds( ie., interchanging no.s of animals

and birds.), the total no. of legs get reduced by one fifth

(1/5). How many no. of birds and animals were there?

ans: birds:11,animals:22



5. In a soap company a soap is manufactured with 11 parts.

For making one soap you will get 1 part as scrap. At the

end of the day u have 251 such scraps. From that how many

soaps can be manufactured? ans: 22 + 2+ 1 = 25.

4. 2 * * |

3 * * | No. 7 does not occur in this

—————- |

5 * * | multiplication.

* 4 * |

* * 3 | Find the product.

—————- |

* * * * * |

—————- |


ans 2 8 1

3 2 2


5 6 2

5 6 2 0

8 4 3 0 0


9 0 4 8 2




6. There is a 5digit no. 3 pairs of sum is eleven each.

Last digit is 3 times the first one.

3 rd digit is 3 less than the second.

4 th digit is 4 more than the second one.

Find the digit.

ans : 25296.



7. There are five thieves, each loot a bakery one after the

other such that the first one takes 1/2 of the total no.

of the breads plus 1/2 of a bread. Similarly 2nd, 3rd,4th

and 5fth also did the same. After the fifth one no. of

breads remained are 3. Initially how many breads were there?

ans : 31.



8.There are some chicken in a poultry. They are fed with corn

One sack of corn will come for 9 days.The farmer decides to

sell some chicken and wanted to hold 12 chicken with him.

He cuts the feed by 10% and sack of corn comes for 30 days.

So initially how many chicken are there?



9.Two people X & Y walk on the wall of a godown in opposite

direction. They meet at a point on one side and then go

ahead. X after walking for some time, walks in opposite

direction for 15 mtrs.Then again he turns back and walks

in the original direction. What distance did Y walk before

they met again, if X walks 11 mtrs by the time Y walks

8 mtrs.







If the code doesn't work, please replace the single quotes and double quotes(Actually these are not proper single and double quotes) in the code with single quotes and double quotes using your keyboard..