About Vinod


This is Vinod, A C.S.E. student of Sri Venkateswara University College of Engineering..

I wanna share the things little i know with others..

My friends helped me in maintaining this blog..

I am thankful to my friend Vara Prasad as he helped me in every aspect..

frnds..share your knowledge with others..comment on my blog..say what ever u wanna say..


21 thoughts on “About Vinod”

  1. i have data structure and algorithm using C in this sem;
    what they expect from my answer sheet ; i need materials for data structureand algorithm;

  2. the blog is made to be very advantageious for newly DS learners because peole make a great illusion about pointers and ds .
    but it is too much easy and straight farward programming

    but u need work hard to make its existance true
    u have to make all the thigs availavle for which u mention in your blog

  3. hi Vinod, would like to ask you about some pointers on C++ programming.. don’t mind can you drop me a mail at my email address??? MAny thanks.

  4. Hi Vinod,
    I appreciate Ur thought of sharing ur knowledge dis way…
    Its a gud initiative. Keep it up dude…


  5. hi i am verry happy to see your codes which very open to all and i like to know whether itsit possible to u to generate a code for single source shortest path by using difference constraints… i will be waiting for u reply…but whatever the job u done upto now is really great as a student.

  6. hi em student of bs se i have little bit problem in sorting algorithms.this site is really helpful for all those students who are related to programming.can you help me for the implementation of insertion sort and quick sort? plz send this to my email adress.


  7. Implement Depth First Search and print if nodes i and j are connected (“connected” or
    “not_connected”) until 0 is encountered. The graph is directed and unweighted and the adjacency
    matrix is given as input. The program should be written in C++.
    0 1 0
    1 0 0
    0 1 0
    1 3
    3 1

    please help me with this question on depth first search

  8. hi vinod…….
    basically im a Electronics student……. im attendin an entrance exm for higher studies in tht entrance exm they hve mentioned Data Structures in the syllabus…….
    dnt anythn bout it man……..
    pls help me out…………..
    wil be waitn for ur reply………

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