1. There are 4 married couples out ofwhich 3 a group isneeded . Butther should not be his of her spouse .How nmany groups are possible ?

Ans 32




2.In the 4 digits 1,2,3,4 how many 4 digited numbers are possible which are divisable by 4? Repetetions are allowed

Ans 64




3. Two men are going along a track rail in the opposite direction. One goods train crossed the first person in 20 sec. After 10 min the train crossed the other person who is comming in opposite direction in 18 sec .After the train has passed, when thetwo persons will meet?


Approx 72min check it once.




4. Theno. of children > adults . Theno .of adults > the no .of boys .

The no.of boys > no. of girls .The no.of girls > no.of familyi conditions

1.No family is without a child

2 Every girl has atleast one brotherand sister .


Ans c>a>b>g>f; 9 6 5 4 3 .




6.There are4 boys Anand ,Anandya ,Madan and Murali with nicmnames perich, zomie ,drummy and madeena not in the same order Some com=nditons

Ans Anand : Perich

Anandya: drummy

Madan : Zombie

murali: Madeena



7.Thereare2diomans ,1 spadeand1 club and 1ace and also 1king ,1 jack

and 1 aceare arranged in a straight line


1.The king is at third place

2.Theleft of jack is a heart and itsright is king

3. No two red colours arein consequtive.

4.The queensareseperated by two cards. Write the orderor which suits

(hearts ,clubs )and names(jacks queensetc.)







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