Verbal Questions

Verbal Questions

 Identify the antonym of the word  
(A) impotence (B) obstruction (C) prediction  (D) equanimity (E) chivalry  
2. Identify the antonym of the word  REPUDIATE:
(A) denounce (B) deceive (C) embrace (D) fib (E) generalize  
3. Find the exact meaning of the word  SUFFRAGE:
(A) absence of charity (B) absence of franchise  (C) absence of pain (D) absence of success (E) absence of malice
 4. Find the Secondary (Often Rare) Meanings Of Word  CHAMPION:
(A) relinquish (B) contest (C) oppress (D) modify (E) withhold
 5. Find the often rare antonym of the word  AIR: 
 (A) release (B) differ (C) expose (D) enshroud
 6. Find the exact matching  ORCHESTRA : MUSICIAN ::
 (A) story : comedian   (B) band : singer   (C) garden : leaf   (D) troupe : actor
 7. Find the exact matching  CLUB : GOLF :: 
(A) type : book   (B) ball : soccer   (C) glove : baseball   (D) racket : tennis   (E) board : chess 
 8. CORROSION : IRON ::  (A) sloth : energy   (B) disease : vision   (C) atrophy : muscle   (D)None  
 9. EXCERPT : NOVEL ::  (A) critique : play   (B) review : manuscript   (C) swatch : cloth   (D) foreword : preface   
 (A) ardent : quickness   (B) warm : temperature   (C) wealthy : scarcity   (D) churlish : enmity 
 11. Complete the sentence  Crestfallen by having done poorly on the GRE,
 Susan began to question her  abilities. Her self-confidence was ..........
  (A) appeased   (B) destroyed   (C) placated   (D) elevated  
12. Complete the sentence   
Although the warring parties had settled a number of disputes, past experience  made them .......... to express optimism that the talks would be a success.
  (A) rash   (B) ambivalent   (C) scornful   (D) reticent 
 13. Complete the sentence 
 Davis is an opprobrious and .......... speaker, equally caustic toward friend  or foe--a true curmudgeon.
   (A)lofty   (B) vituperative   (C) unstinting   (D) retiring 
 14 DIDACTIC : TEACH ::   (A) specious : revile   (B) cunning : steal   (C) forensic : debate   (D) troubled : broach   Ans:C                         SYNONYMS     1. CIRCUMSPECT   (i) CONDITION (ii) INSPECT (iii) CAUTIOUS  (IV) RECKLESS  ans: (iii)    2. ABYSMAL  (i) SLIGHT (ii) TERRIBLE (iii) ILLUSTRIOUS (iv) PROLIFIC   ans: (ii)  3. DILIGENT   (i) INTELLIGENT (ii)NOTHARDWORKING(iii)HARDWORKING(iv)FOOLISH  ans: (iii)   4.VEHEMENT  (i) PASSIONATE (ii) CONFESY (iii) NOISY (iv) MOQULIS  ans (i)   5) IMPETUS  (i) CONNECT (ii) CRUCIAL (iii) STIMULUS (iv) LAZY  ans : (iii)    ANTONYMS    1) TRACTABLE  (i) OBJECTIONABLE (ii) ENJOYABLE  (iii) ADAPTABLE (iv) OBSTINATE   ans : (i)  2) COVERT  (i) MANIFEST (ii) INVISIBLE (iii) SCARED (iv) ALTER  ans: (ii)    3) PENSIVE  (i) REPENTENT (ii) SAD (iii) THOUGHTLESS (iv) CARELESS   ans: (iii)    4) MITIGATE   (i) AGGRAVATE (ii) RELIEVE (iii) ELEMINATE (iv) EXHUMAN  ans: (iv)    5) DIVERGENT  (i) CONTRARY (ii) COMING TOGETHER   (iii) CONVERSANT (iv) CONTROVERS  ans: (ii)     Verbal    1. (a) cheerleaders : pompoms  (b) audience:seats  (c) team:goalposts  (d) conductor:podium  (e) referee:decision    Ans. (a)    2. archipelago:islands::    (a) arbor:bower  (b) garden:flower  (c) mountain:valley  (d) sand:dune  (e) constellation:star    Ans. (a)      3. crow:boastful ::    (a) smirk:witty  (b) conceal:s;y  (c) pout:sulky  (d) blush:coarse  (e) bluster:unhappy    Ans. (a)      4. bracket:shelf ::    (a) hammer:anvil  (b) girder:rivet  (c) strut:rafter  (d) valve:pipe  (e) bucket:well    Ans. (a)      5. taxonomy:classification ::    (a) etymology:derivation  (b) autonomy: authorization  (c) economy:rationalization  (d) tautology:justification  (e) ecology:urbanisation    Ans. (a)      6. moderator:debate ::    (a) legislator:election  (b) chef:banquet  (c) auditor:lecture  (d) conspirator:plot  (e) umpire:game    Ans. (a)      7. glossary:words ::    (a) catalogue:dates  (b) atlas:maps  (c) almanac:synonyms  (d) thesaurus:rhymes  (e) lexicon:numbers    Ans. (a)      8. lumber: bear ::    (a) roost:hen  (b) bray:donkey  (c) waddle:goose  (d) swoop:hawk  (e) chirp:sparrow    Ans. (a)      9. celerity:snail ::    (a) indolence:sloth  (b) cunning:weasel  (c) curiosity:cat  (d) humility:peacock  (e) obstinacy:mule    Ans. (a)      10. wood:sand ::    (a) coal:burn  (b) brick:lay  (c) oil:polish  (d) metal:burnish  (e) stone:quarry    Ans. (a)      11. carpenter:saw ::     (a) stenographer:typist  (b) painter:brush  (c) lawyer:brief  (d) runner:sneakers  (e) seamstress:scissors    Ans. (a)      12. horns:bull ::     (a) mane:lion  (b) wattles:turkey  (c) antlers:stag  (d) hooves:horse  (e) wings:eagle    Ans. (a)      13. gullible:duped ::     (a) credible:cheated  (b) careful:cautioned  (c) malleable:moulded  (d) myopic:mislead  (e) articulate:silenced    Ans. (a)      14. marathon:stamina ::     (a) relay:independence  (b) hurdle:perseverance  (c) sprint:celerity  (d) job:weariness  (e) ramble:directness    Ans. (a)      15. Skin:man ::    (a) hide:animal  (b) jump:start  (c) peel:potato  (d) eat:food  (e) wool:cloth    Ans. (a)      16. Bamboo:Shoot ::     (a) Bean:Sprout  (b) Peas:Pod  (c) Potato:Eye  (d) Carrot:Root  (e) Leaf:Stem    Ans. (a)      17. Deflect:Missile ::     (a) Siege:Castle  (b) Distract:Attraction  (c) Protect:Honour  (d) Drop:Catch  (e) Score:Goal    Ans. (a)      18. Editor:magazine ::     (a) captain:ship  (b) actor:movie  (c) director:film  (d) player:team  (e) jockey:horse    Ans. (a)      19. Volcano : Lava ::     (a) Fault:earthquate  (b) crack:wall  (c) tunnel:dig  (d) water:swim  (e) floor:polish    Ans. (a)  20. Disregarded   (a) heed   (b) hopeful  (c) evade  (d) dense  Ans. (a)  21. Obviate  (a) becloud  (b) necessitate  (c) rationalize  (d) execute  Ans. (b)    22. Superficial  (a)  profound  (b) exaggerated  (c) subjective  (d) spirited  Ans. (a)  23.Antonym of Convert  (a)Manifest (b)Invisible (c )Scared (d)Alter  Ans: ( b)  24. Antonym of Mitigate  (a)Aggravate (b)Relieve (c)Eliminate (d)Exhuman  Ans: (a ).  25. Antonym of Clutch  (a) Hold (b) Grab (c) Release (d) Spread  Ans: ( c)  26. Antonym of Disregarded    (a) heed   (b) hopeful  (c) evade  (d) dense    Ans. (a)      27. Antonym of Obviate   (a) becloud  (b) necessitate  (c) rationalize  (d) execute    Ans. (b)      28. Antonym of Superficial   (a) profound  (b) exaggerated  (c) subjective  (d) spirited    Ans. (a)      29. Antonym of Abide   (a) retract an offer  (b) refuse to endure  (c) shield from harm  (d) exonerate    Ans. (b)      30. Antonym of Acerbity   (a) noteworthiness  (b) hypocrisy  (c) mildness of temperament  (d) lack of anxiety    Ans. (c)  31. Synonym of Circumspect   (a) Condition  (b) Inspect  (c) Cautious   (d) Reckless  Ans: (c )  32. Synonym of Vehement   (a) Passionate  (b) Deep (c) Noisy  (d) Prolific    Ans: (a)  33. Synonym of Impetus   (a) Connect  (b) Crucial  (c) Stimulus  (d) Immediate  Ans: (c )  34.Antonym of Motley   (a) Bulky  (b) Speckled  (c) Homogeneous (d) Different  Ans: (c )  35. Antonym of Tractable  (a) Objectionable (b)Enjoyable (c)Adaptable (d)Obstinate  Ans: (a) 

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